Yoga balls instead of chairs for 3rd grade classroom
Corey Davis
Posted: 01/15/2014 7:53 PM

Out with the chairs and in with something bouncy. Third graders in a North Charleston classroom are using yoga balls instead of chairs.

Some may refer to them as stability balls, exercise or yoga balls. The inflatable balls are usually seen in gyms and even in work offices.

A teacher at Windsor Hill Arts Infused Elementary School decided to do away with chairs to challenge her students.

So far this is the only class at the school using yoga balls.

9-year-old Camden Crummey said, "Something fun to play with while you're still listening and learning."

Camden and his classmates may seem distracted by the bouncing, but their teacher Alisha Bailey says they don't notice the bouncing.

"There's a lot of studies showing that the more movement you have while you're moving, you're learning more because you have more oxygen flowing into your brain, so you're thinking more," said Bailey."

The kids follow all of the rules Bailey has put in place.  
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