Litter Box Problems
Posted: 08/05/2005 2:18 PM


When a cat starts urinating inside its home, whether male or female, neutered or not, the pet is trying to apply its personal identity "brand" on the territory. It is a sort of feline mark of Zorro, saying, "I am here and here to stay!" The underlying reasons for this problem range from under- to over-indulgence by people, or the presence of another cat's urine inside or outside the home. From the pet's point of view the behavior is quite natural and achieves its goal of temporary relief from feelings of insecurity about its territory. However, the odor and discoloration accompanying it provide cat owners with nothing but eyesores and offended nostrils.


Spraying is different from simple puddles of urine around the home. If your problem is the puddling type, you will need to provide your pet with a simple house training plan centered on a litter box or an area that you want your cat or kitten to use as a toilet place.  
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