VIDEO: Lubbock native goes viral with comical airline safety briefing
Taylor Langston
Posted: 04/15/2014 5:42 PM

Southwest Airlines flight attendant and Lubbock native, Marty Cobb, says she's shocked by her sudden burst of fame.

"It's more than I ever thought was remotely possible," Cobb said.

Since the video of Cobb's comical take on a routine safety briefing became live on YouTube on April 12, she has had more than one million views and has become a social media sensation.

Cobb says her comedy act is nothing out of the ordinary for her when welcoming flyers onboard, but this time her routine has reached a wider audience. 

Since Monday morning, Cobb has appeared on Good Morning America and the Today show, but her goal is to meet Ellen Degeneres and Jimmy Fallon.

"I had a passenger pull me aside and say ‘oh my gosh, we've got to get you on Ellen because you're so hilarious and that is such a compliment coming from passengers," Cobb said.

The Texas Tech alumni moved out of the Lubbock area just a few years ago and has worked for Southwest as a flight attendant for 7 years.  
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