City spends $24K on poop etiquette
Andrew Douglas, Ashli Blow
Posted: 08/26/2013 10:52 PM

 (WMC-TV) - A campaign encouraging pet owners to "scoop the poop" is costing the city $24,000.

Brandon and Erin Sublette love their 2-year-old Weimaraner, Hutch.

"Everybody in this area loves to walk their dog and go out and come to the park," said Erin.

But when it comes to etiquette, some pet owners stink.

"If you're not responsible enough to have a pet then you shouldn't have one," said Brandon. "Cleaning up after your dog is absolutely important."

Cleaning up may be common to these dog owners at Overton Bark, but it is not common enough. As a result "scoop the poop" billboards are popping up – like one on Poplar Avenue near Hollywood Street – leaving no question as to what the phrase is all about.

Pet owners not cleaning up is becoming such a health issue that it prompted the campaign. There is also a city ordinance.

Memphis city leaders say the contamination issue can be harmful bacteria to plants, animals, and people.  
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